Technology Artisans
Craftsmanship at Web Scale
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Experience and Expertise: Web Scale Craftsmen

  • We specialize in the architecture, design, implementation and performance engineering of web scale applications and systems
  • We pride ourselves on focusing somewhat narrowly but very deeply, like the artisans and craftsmen of yore, always striving to be the very best and settling for nothing less
  • Although we focus on honing our expertise in particular architectural styles and enabling technologies, we also pride ourselves in balancing them with equally important communications and business acumen
Focus: Java, Spring, Web Services, Performance, Scalability, and Agility
  • We concentrate on specific technologies and architectural styles:  Java, Spring, Scala, Java EE, Web Services, Unix/Linux-centric Application Provisioning
  • In particular, we focus on the sort of thorny challenges that manifest themselves at very large scale: concurrency, scalability, reliability, maintainability
  • We're philosophically aligned with the principles spelled out in the Agile Manifesto and practice emergent design, test driven development and continuous integration and deployment