Technology Artisans
Craftsmanship at Web Scale
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Steve Buzzard, Chief Artisan

Technology Artisans was founded by Steve Buzzard to serve clients in the Philadelphia and Mid-Atlantic markets needing expertise in technology architecture, design, development and performance engineering focused on large scale / complex applications and systems running on the Java Virtual Machine with Java, Scala, JEE, Spring, OSGI, and other like languages and technologies.

Mr. Buzzard has over 25 years of professional experience in software/systems engineering and architecture.
  He also has extensive experience in the areas of e-commerce, performance/scalability tuning, capacity planning, technical writing, project management, security, and quality assurance.

Prior to founding Technology Artisans, Mr. Buzzard worked as a Principal Architect at
GSI Commerce and earlier in his career worked as the Enterprise Architecture lead for the Americas East Region at BEA Systems (since acquired by Oracle).

For insight into Mr. Buzzard's philosophy and approach to all things technical, please check out his
Technology Blog; for his resume, visit LinkedIn.