Technology Artisans
Craftsmanship at Web Scale
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Services Focused on our Specialization and Expertise

The Technology Artisans are committed to bringing you a consistently high level of service and expertise, priding ourselves on doing whatever we can to prove we're the best in our particular world.  We do not do everything and are not a body shop.  We focus on what we're good at.

  • Architecture, Design and Development focused on Server-side Java and Scala

  • Architecture, Design and Development of Web Services (both RESTful and the RPC/Messaging style usually favored by SOAP)

  • Service Oriented, Web Oriented and Resource Oriented Architectures

  • The Spring Framework, including Spring Core, Security, Eclipse Gemini (formerly Spring DM), and Spring MVC

  • Unix/Linux Systems Provisioning and Operations, Administration and Maintenance of Web Applications

  • Oracle (formerly BEA) WebLogic Application Server Configuration, Administration, Performance Tuning and Troubleshooting

  • Scalability and performance analysis, troubleshooting and tuning of Web scale systems and applications

  • Agile Practices (Emergent Design, Test Driven Development, Continuous Integration and Deployment) and Practices (SCRUM, XP)

Do you like Effective Java, Design Patterns, Domain Driven Design, Enterprise Integration Patterns, Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture, Refactoring, The Pragmatic Programmer, RESTful Web Services, Java Concurrency in Practice and Service Oriented Architecture: Concepts, Technology and Design?  So do we!  This material provides some flavor to understanding our philosophy, approach and interests. 

But philosophy/approach is one thing and on-the-ground experience is quite another: we consider both to be essential, the latter proving out and expanding/refining the former.  Wrong-headed experience and a spot-on approach applied by greenhorn architects and developers are both problematic.  No approach will work for every project (or every aspect of any single non-trivial project).  Experience-based reasoning and the resulting mid-course adjustments are more crucial than determination and agreement on an initial approach.  This is the keystone of emergent design, the core of the agile philosophy and something we believe in deeply. 

If you share this mindset, perhaps we can be of service to you!